Kira Takenouchi

Kira Takenouchi is an author of yaoi and m-m slash fiction. Forbidden to write by her family, she has disappeared from the public eye.

Takenouchi is most famous for the Taming Riki saga, including the Volume I trilogy, and Volume II: A World Divided, Part I. She has also published Harem Boy, Part 1, and Headmaster's Chambers, the Manga, Book 1. Other works include Moon Over Atlantis, Alpha Rising, Shiiki, The Boy from Braxton Creek, Tristan's Reform, Barbarian's Slave, Josiah, Geisha Doll, Once A Chieftain, In the Headmaster's Chambers (the novel), and I, Incubus.

Her works, because they are so rarely available, are difficult to find online but are occasionally available on Amazon through Arik Enterprises. Other places to find her works are on ebay. The Taming Riki trilogy has sold for hundreds, even thousands of dollars.